Forensic Interview

We believe children begin to heal the moment they are truly heard.

Because SafeSpot professionals realize that talking about potentially traumatic experiences takes courage and trust, children can rest assured, under the protective roof of SafeSpot Children’s Advocacy Center, that they will be heard.

A forensic interview is a structured conversation with a child about possible events that the child may have experienced or witnessed.  The interview allows the child to explain what happened in their own words.

The Purpose of the Interview:

  • Obtains detailed information from a child that is necessary for an investigation
  • Explores additional safety concerns
  • Assesses the need for medical treatment or psychological care
  • Provides relief to the child to be able to tell their story (without judgment)

This one-on-one conversation is led in an age and developmentally appropriate manner that is trauma-informed and geared toward the individual needs of the child. It is an unbiased, legally-sound process that enhances free-recall from the child, minimizes interviewer influence, and gathers information needed by all investigators involved.

All three facets of the interview (the interview environment, structure and professional team), provide expert information to professionals tasked with investigations of child crimes, as well as a supportive and appropriate environment for potential child victims to be heard.

It takes courage to speak about abuse. Children arrive with many emotions, such as fear, guilt, shame, confusion, and distrust.  Using special techniques and practices, our skilled interviewers are able to break through this wall of emotions, leaving the child with the freedom and comfort to communicate.

STAT: 97% of clients felt the staff is friendly and caring