A Parent’s Guide To Selecting Youth-Serving Organizations

A Parent’s Guide To Selecting Youth-Serving Organizations

Between soccer practice, tutoring sessions and piano lessons, your child is frequently under the care of many different adults. As a parent, you are one of the most important links in the chain of prevention. Below are some proactive questions to help you understand an organization’s prevention measures.

How are employees and volunteers screened?

  • Employee screening best practices include an in-depth application, personal and professional references, criminal background check and an extensive interview.
  • After an employee is hired, they should be monitored to ensure they keep in line With all protection policies and do not engage in high-risk behaviors.

Is there a child protection policy?

  • Youth-serving organizations should have clearly defined child protection policies.
  • Staff should have advanced training for activities such as toileting, diapering, driving with children, and overnight activities.
  • The organization should welcome you to visit your child at any time. Make it a habit to drop in unexpectedly.

Does the policy include limiting isolated one-on-one situations?

  • There should be separate areas and activities for different age groups. Make it clear that you would always like an adult present with your child.

How do older and younger children interact?

  • Older or more powerful youth are perpetrators in at Of all sexual abuse incidences. Supervising contact between children and older/bigger youth requires structure and adult supervision.

Source: Darkness to Light