5 Body Safety Rules

5 Body Safety Rules


It’s MY Body.

I am special and my body belongs to me. The private parts of my body are covered by my bathing suit and no one should touch me there or play games with them


Ask an Adult if I am Safe.

If I am unsure or feel uncomfortable about a situation, I can ask an adult if I am safe and they will help me. I do not have to make that decision alone.


Say “No” and “Get Away!”

If someone is making me feel uncomfortable or touches me in any way that makes me feel unsafe or tries to make me touch them, I have a right to say “NO” and “GET AWAY!”


Tell A Parent or Safe Adult!

I should always tell my parent or a safe adult if someone makes me feel uncomfortable in any way. If the first adult does not listen to me, I need to keep telling until someone listens and takes action.


It’s Never My Fault!

It is “Never My Fault” if someone touches me in any way that makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable or asks me to touch them. I am a child and they are the adult.

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