2023 Pickleball Round Robin Tickets

Summary of Skill Levels

Novice/Learning to Play: Player has likely never attended a pickleball lesson or guided play, doesn’t know all the rules and can’t keep score.  These players will participate in learn-to-play group instruction followed by friendly game play.  All equipment will be provided.

Beginner (2.0 – Beginning 3.0):  Player has attended at least one beginning lesson or participated in guided play and/or has played for at least 1-6 months.  Player understands the rules and scoring and has some basic skills including serve, return of serve and some dinking.

Intermediate (3.0 – Solid 3.5):  Player will have generally been playing for a minimum of 6-9 months. Player demonstrates a broad knowledge of the rules and strategies of the game and has a solid grasp of serve, return of serve, use of dinks and volleys.

Advanced (4.0 and Higher):  Player demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the rules and strategies of the game.  Strokes are performed consistently with accurate placement of the pickleball.  Works well as a team with partner and successfully executes switches and control of the non-volley zone. The player hits a low number of unforced errors per game.

For more information on pickleball ratings click here.

Monday October 16th
Pickleball Round Robin 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Place: Westwood Country Club
Cocktails 5:00pm followed by dinner.

Don’t know how to play pickleball but want to learn?  Register in the Novice division!

$150 – Individual Entry

-1 Registration for Pickleball Round Robin
-Free Entry to Cocktail Hour
-1 Complimentary Dinner Ticket

Players will be separated by skill levels (levels may need to be combined depending on registrations).   With the exception players in the novice skill division, each player will play a number of games with different partners in same skill division.  Player with most games won is the winner of their division.